Welcome to my website. I'm Jackie Nelson, the mom of an amazing little girl, Daphne. With my writing, I explore my passion for raising awareness and acceptance of Autism, and give my daughter, Daphne, a universe in which she triumphs over obstacles using Autism as her super power.

There is always a victory around the corner waiting for us and I wanted to share Daphne's victories with the world.

Thank you so much for your support, I hope you enjoy our stories.

I'm pleased to announce "The Power Within" Is now available for purchase! Just click the link. Thanks!

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The Power Unleashed is here!

The 2nd book in The Power Within series has been released. It has been a long year of writing, editing, writing some more, finding the perfect artist for the cover, and now ready for purchase! I hope you are as excited as I am for Daphne's adventure to continue.  Here is a little description of what to expect from The Power Unleashed.

Daphne is back for more adventure in the 2nd book of The Power Within Series. She has grown more confident and powerful, which proves to be useful while fighting zombies and a new threat from a nearby camp. come along on Daphne's journey to more discovery, new friends, and unleashing her true power within.

You can purchase your copy by following the link below or by coming to see me at one of my next events. Thank you to everyone who has read, passed the book on to friends/familily, encouraged me to keep going, and continued to inspire me.

The Power Unleashed has received its 1st Reviews! Check one out with the link below to take you to the  Jaunts and Haunts Blog.

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This book is great because while it ties up some loose ends from the first book, The Power Within, it gives the reader plenty of new adventure with Daphne.

This story can stand on its own, but it’s even better after reading the first book. And be prepared because just when you think it’s safe, you realize that the fight is not over and you’ll have to wait for the next book to find out what happens with Daphne and her friends and family.

Read this to the kids and gift it to the young adults in your life.

- Terry Willits





J.E. Nelson

Jackie Nelson is an up and coming novelist, who lives in St. Louis, MO, with her two children. Jackie began exploring her passion for writing soon after her daughter was diagnosed with Autism. She wanted a way to share the positive experiences and loving nature of her daughter while building Autism acceptance. She was published in Autism Parenting Magazine with her first personal narrative, “The Remarkable Day Daphne Met the ‘The Doctor’”. Recently, she has completed the second book in her Middle-Grade Fiction series. Both, "The Power Within" and "The Power Unleashed" are now available for purchase.


The Power Within


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